I'm again commuting into Nine Worlds at Heathrow from west London, which makes me a sort of three-day visitor rather than a fully immersed attendee, but one still feels caught up in everything even if one isn't in costume, except perhaps as oneself. I've encountered several friends from several times and corners of my life, of course... Some chatty Doctor Who panels and a Joss Whedon talk have been attended as well as the expression of genius that was Star Trek Pictionary. Fatigue led me to abandon a further panel and head east via the petrol station, the car having been employed as a faster (if not cheaper) way of getting to Heathrow than the Piccadilly Line.
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( May. 30th, 2015 02:22 am)
Yes, I should have gone to bed, but I caught up with Star Trek - Into Darkness instead. Several visually impressive moments, but the cast were underused and there isn't as much mileage in immature boy Kirk as they seem to think. I am not a Star Trek expert, but I had the feeling that it didn't mirror the beats of The Wrath of Khan as well as it seemed to believe; and it wore its legacy too heavily too. There were also far too many fisticuffs, and little sense of lessons learned on the part of people or institutions - but that is the mode of action films in our time, I suppose.
The Daily Telegraph reports on Star Trek aftershave.


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