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Last week Cora noted that once you thought about the episode it all fell apart. This week the fragility of the story is even more manifest. If you shut down any thought of the moral, social and political implications of what happens and just sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s not at all bad. Doug Jones takes the lead in a Saru centred story and he is always fun to watch. We also get the continuation of the Episode 4 story line as well as the pre-season 2 ‘Short Trek’ story ‘The Brightest Star’ (well worth watching prior to this episode).

Yeah, but. No. Sorry, this was bollocks. However, spoilers must be heralded, so do not click below unless you are prepared.

The show starts with a broad recap, catching up with Doctor Hugh, Saru and The Big Dead Sentient Planetoid thing from episode 4. Then, surprise the Red Plot Angel aka Mothman sends yet another signal. The twist being that it is Saru’s homeworld!

Episode 4 had already set the ground work for an interesting ethical dilemma about intervention in other cultures: in this case the Kelpians who are preyed upon by the technologically advanced & mysterious Ba’ul. From the Short Trek ‘Brightest Star’, the Kelpian/Ba’ul relationship appeared to be an Eloi-Morlock thing: the Kelpians living a peaceful, carefree pastoral existence aside from a regular cull by the Ba’ul which the Kelpians had been socially conditioned to accept.

Did I say ‘interesting’? Not so much. It would only be interesting if there was a dilemma for Star Fleet and some examination of how the heck the Prime Directive is supposed to work. Instead the story just bulldozers past this. General Order 1 becomes more of a guideline than a unbreakable rule. OK, I can tolerate that – surely most cases where it would be relevant would be edge cases such as this one (the Ba’ul have warp technology but the Kelpians don’t but then the Kelpian society is already in contact with a warp-tech level society).

Saru is a lot more radical without his threat ganglion and things escalate quickly. The Ba’ul, almost disappointingly, don’t turn out to be just cannibal Kelpians but weird monsters who live in dark pools. Meanwhile, Discovery learns from The Big Dead Sentient Planetoid’s records that the Kelpians used to be mainly like Saru post-ganglions and possibly the Kelpians were the predators of the Ba’ul.

Really, did I say interesting ethical dilemma? What a naive expectation. Willy-nilly and without any thought for the consequences or any discussion with any Kelpian other than Saru, Discovery initiates a planet wide biological change of all the Kelpians so they ‘evolve’ from the cowardly Kelpians into the more agressive post-ganglion Kelpians. Exclusive scene below:

You can’t just go around zapping a whole species into some sort of version of puberty without so much of a say so. There’s not even a pause for breath or a moments thought about it. The Ba’ul react by initiating genocide and Discovery say “Oh…that’s why we should have maybe thought about what we were doing a few minutes ago!” Luckily the red angel intervenes and everybody lives happily ever after.

Arrgggghhhhhh. With a bit of work, this could have been so much better. Discovery needs an ethicist in their writing room, just to think some of this through. For example, changing when the Ba’ul threat of genocide occurs in the order of events, making Saru wholly responsible for the species-wide change. None of that would make the plot preachy but would add creative conflict between the characters. Pike, Tyler, Michael, Saru all have different perspectives on events if we follow their characters but instead of seeing that within the story, it’s glossed over because nobody gets to challenge the plot choices.

Entertaining but Orville level degrees of starship crew thinking more than one step ahead with their interactions with alien cultures.


  1. An Obol for Charon (e4) – Classic Trek on a magic mushroom trip
  2. Point of Light (e3) – season one Discovery is back for revenge
  3. Brother (e1) – an action orientated fresh start for the Discovery crew
  4. New Eden (e2) – The Next Generation of The Next Generation
  5. Saints of Imperfection (e5) – Let’s get the old gang back together!
  6. Sound of Thunder (e6) – Non-consensual medical procedures on a whole species

Bits and Pieces

  • Apparently, some ‘Spock’ character is in this series.
  • If you haven’t watched ‘Brightest Star’ then the episode is even more shallow, as we only get to see one other Kelpian.\
  • I assume the Ba’ul are aquatic.
  • The twist that didn’t happen was the Ba’ul being post-ganglion Kelpian-Morlocks, instead, they were drippy creepy things
  • The other twist I thought was coming was the original Kelpians being an eco-disastrous society that nearly destroyed their home world – hence the Ba’ul enforcing this ‘balance’. Instead, the Ba’ul are just dicks.

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I have just had (and I hope resolved) an unfortunately exciting batch of phone calls. I was discussing the plans for the eye surgery, and specifically for practicing with the drops, in email with [personal profile] rysmiel. That led me to check my instructions, and discover I am supposed to be taking _three_ kinds of eye drop with me on Wednesday. Of which I have two. After multiple conversations with Dr Lazzara's office and the pharmacy, he is going to leave some free samples at the front desk of the Arlington office for me to pick up on Monday.

This is all left over from discovering that this prescription isn't covered by my insurance, and the pharmacy confusing me about whether I needed a discount card from the drug manufacturer. When I mentioned that they were going to be sending me a discount card the clerk said that the copay on the ones they were giving me was "reasonable" (by American standards), which led to me paying for two kinds of eye drops, putting them in the cabinet, and not thinking about it, until @rysmiel asked. The *pre*-surgical instructions are to use one kind four times a day, and the other once a day; the paperwork I hadn't looked at recently tells me to bring all three with me, after instructions including that I should wash my hair the night before and that I can have a light meal the morning of the surgery.
okay so -- ego depletion is, broadly, the idea that self-control is a finite resource and if you do a thing that takes a lot of self-control you will have less of it left for subsequent tasks within [time-frame]; a recent-ish replication study found that it's not actually an effect that... exists.

what I am curious about, and lacking (ha) the focus etc to track down for myself, is: how does this conception of self-control interact with issues of decision fatigue and executive dysfunction? is self-control being formulated as meaningfully distinct from decision-making?

thank you in advance for indulging my idle curiosity <3
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Yes, I am still at it. While in Mariposa I mentioned it to my parents, who watched a few episodes and promptly tidied up some of their stuff, donating clothes and watching videos on how to fold vertically.

As always, please no negativity in comments. Cut for photos of bookcases and cats.

Here is a shot of my kitchen from a month or so ago.

Untidy kitchen with bookshelves and cat in box

Here is my kitchen today. (Still need a new table and chair. That is way overdue.)

Moderately tidy kitchen with bookshelves and cat

Here is my memoir bookcase, with Jewish, Chinese, and oversize books on top. (Some overflow memoirs are elsewhere.) You can tell when categories change because the alphabet-by-author starts over from the beginning. It goes something like: My Happy Childhood, My Funny Family, I Love My Family, My Fucked-Up Childhood, My Mental Illness, I Loved Someone Who Died, My Exciting Experience, My Exciting Hobby, My Showbiz Career (Dance, Music, Acting, Directing, Writing), I Live Somewhere Cool, My Civilian Wartime Experience, Let Me Tell You About Religion.

Neat bookshelves of memoirs

Here is my food bookcase, with Japanese books on top. They're ordered more by size than by category, but the categories are How to Cook, I Like to Cook, I Like to Eat, Regional Food Is The Best.

Neat bookshelves of cookbooks and food writing

Posted by Shep McAllister on Kinja Deals, shared by Tercius to Lifehacker

Wi-Fi range extenders aren’t a networking cure-all, but if there’s one spot in your house with spotty coverage, they can be a much cheaper solution than buying a new router. So at an all-time low $15, why not give this one a try? Just clip the $2 coupon to get the deal at checkout.


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I haven't been feeling that well the last couple of days, which it took me a little while to realise was some extra virus and not just a bad day, but it happily seems to be improving already, and I tidied up this fic, inspired by my 100 Elements prompts and me making graphics for these particular new OC Elements last week. (I blame Tin's casting on [personal profile] swordznsorcery! ;-p)

Also for [community profile] 100fandoms and [community profile] genprompt_bingo.

Cameo (2094 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Jasper (S&S), Tin (S&S), Jet (S&S), Original Characters, Original Elements - Character
Additional Tags: community: 100fandoms, Community: genprompt_bingo, Time Loop, Time slip, Murder, 1920s, 1940s, 1980s, Blood, Ghosts
Summary: “Goodness,” she says, turning around to find a stranger on the other side of the counter. “I didn’t see you come in.”
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I mean, every fandom has the person who not only has the problematic fave, but decides to justify their faving by PROVING that their fave has done nothing wrong in canon at all ever.

Like there's that Londo Mollari fan over on tumblr who thinks his actions were all flawless, and will yell at anyone who posts negative stuff about Londo, and that's like normal fan weirdness to me (at least on tumblr). It gets a bit more disturbing with the RPF people who try to PROVE their faves aren't, for example, rapist douchebags (instead of just either changing ships or declaring an AU and moving on), but again, this is my expected subset of a little too obsessed fandom behaviour. I throw up a minor "Do not engage" warning note, and move on.

But Babylon 5 fandom, if nothing else, we've got pure verbiage over everyone else.

There's someone on AO3 who has written 320,102 words and counting of apologia for the Psi Corps, more or less to the tune of all canon who says the Corps is in any way problematic is mundane propaganda, and really the Corps is perfect and a great place to grow up, and the mundanes need to stop oppressing the poor teeps. This person, at the very least, has the good sense to keep their 320k of gaslighting that secret police are good and just and Bester did nothing wrong in their own space, mostly. (The author apparently also picks fights on tumblr, but I've stayed out of the B5 corners of tumblr since the last Marcus/Susan v. Susan/Talia ship war).

So it's not like I'm surprised by today's adventure, but holy shit, someone just posted a 33-comment essay clocking in at 20,668 words (when I tried to count them on open office, the program crashed), about how the Minbari Warrior Caste did nothing wrong, and the Earth-Minbari War 100% wasn't attempted genocide in any way, and even if it was the humans had it coming. Then invoked long canon citations and statistics about the Holocaust to prove it. This was not on my fic, but on some random other person writing Naroon fic who wasn't even being critical of Naroon, just writing him in a canon compliant fashion. To which I only say: What. The. Fuck!?

Babylon 5 fandom needs another hobby besides Babylon 5 fandom.

Posted by /u/PedroPapelillo

So right now I'm at the countryside and my dad asked me to format his computer, which I did, now I realized that we have a weak internet connection (50-100 kbps download speed weak) and I was wondering, are there light versions of office software so I can download it in the span of a day or two?

Hope this question is not innapropiate, thanks in advancement!

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Posted by /u/oiuhajk

Thinking of buying nordvpn so I can torrent, your guy's thoughts on nordvpn?

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I can only find WEBRips, not Web-DLs, from DEFLATE and STRiFE. For around 10 GB for a single 16:9 episode (S01E01 1080p WEBRip X264-DEFLATE for instance) I'd expect to be able to download a remux. Unfortunately I don't know if the Blu-ray release has even been shared publicly.

I won't watch video of particularly low bitrate, so I've ignored releases of clearly poor quality.

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While my son and I were driving across town the other day, he decided he doesn’t want to grow up to be an adult.


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I've always had a great deal of trouble falling asleep (which, interestingly, I just ran across a reference that that it might be a common trait in Seasonal Affective Disorder, though I haven't had time to look into the research). The current workaround I'm using to try and trick my body into going to sleep in a reasonable amount of time is to listen to audiobooks – specifically ones from LibriVox. LibriVox is a fantastic resource, if you've never heard of it before: free audiobooks of out of copyright works read by volunteers. They have an impressively enormous catalogue of books, but the trick is finding ones worth listening to, since I'm not actually interested in "According to Promise, or The Lord’s Method of Dealing with His Chosen People" or "Abraham Lincoln: A History, Volume 10" even for the purpose of driving myself into unconsciousness.

I've already listened to all of Jane Austen, several of Anthony Trollope, Ivanhoe, P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves (only two are out of copyright, unfortunately), Jane Eyre and Villette, Lady Audley's Secret (which is a FANTASTIC sensation novel, if you've never heard of it, and one I highly recommend), Dickens's Bleak House, and probably at least a few others I can't remember right now.

And now I need more. What books would you all recommend? It's a good bet that anything written pre-1920 probably exists on LibriVox, so feel free to rec anything you've enjoyed reading, not just a specific recording. Since it is for the purposes of sleeping, I've found that anything too grim (Heart of Darkness) or too complicated (Joyce's Ulysses) doesn't work well, but a mildly amusing and engaging tone is ideal.
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The story of Carmilla is one of my absolute favorite vampire tales. It's such a fascinating story of gothic horror and I really love Le Fanu's style of prose and writing he takes. These are some of my favorite Carmilla fanfics that I feel do a fantastic job of recapturing Le Fanu's way with words as well as expanding on his story and adding new dimensions to it.

Title: A Restless and Unscrupulous Passion
Author: Emiline
Rating: Mature
Length: 1263 words
Summary: I sought to use her adoration for me, as she used mine for her, to gain that knowledge I so desperately sought.

Title: Come Through Stone Walls
Author: Violsva
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1806 words
Summary: I saw, or fancied I saw, the room and its furniture just as I had seen it last, except that it was very dark, and I saw something moving round the foot of the bed, which at first I could not accurately distinguish.

Title: Make thy life shudder in thee, and burn afresh
Author: beyonces_fiancee
Rating: Explicit
Length: 6347 words
Summary:At her urging, I continued shakily, "Thy flower-sweet fingers, good to bruise or bite… as—as honeycomb of the inmost honey-cells…" Carmilla half-sat up to rest her chin on my shoulder; I could feel her feminine figure draped heavily against my back. I felt surrounded by her, engulfed in her. Her fingertips tickled down the nape of my neck, rising a shiver in my blood, and the printed page swam beneath my gaze as she stroked the skin below my collarbone—and lower, and lower.

Laura discloses to a sympathetic listener the intimate details of her relationship with Carmilla.

Title: I Am Dead, My Dearest
Author: havocthecat
Rating: M
Length: 2429 words
Summary: ...to this hour the image of Carmilla returns to memory with ambiguous alternations--sometimes the playful, languid, beautiful girl; sometimes the writhing fiend I saw in the ruined church; and often from a reverie I have started, fancying I heard the light step of Carmilla at the drawing room door.

Title: lightning is my girl
Author: Katarik
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1865 words
Summary: An excerpt from a letter from a kindly soul lost to demons years hence, found in the correspondence of the late Doctor Hesselius, relating to an Essay upon the strange subject herein discussed.



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