The last few weeks have largely been concerned in the thinning of the contents of my flat, a task still not done, but there has still been time for some television. Possible spoilers for those wary of such things.

Wales is insane )

Your eyes always get piggy when you lie, Moneypenny )

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Torchwood has finally been recommissioned: and it's a co-production...

...but where will it be shot? Production HQ seems to be in Los Angeles with Russell, Julie and Jane, but that's not clear - perhaps there will be a mixture of Welsh and US locations. Canada, perhaps... I've not heard of the Starz network, so don't know their track record. Hmmm.
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 11:09 pm)
Jack's temptation in the wilderness )

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( Feb. 6th, 2008 11:43 pm)
Cute space cow; lots of corny lines - eating alien meat indeed - and Owen channels David Tennant's Doctor ("I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.")

Well-managed changes of mood this week, particularly the 'domestics'. A better sense of Torchwood as a team and as working colleagues, too. After last week's events Tosh is overcompensating with her attentions to Owen, and I wonder where this is going.

On the other hand the series remains inconsistent - though when done well, that's part of its charm. The high octane school-of-Whedon of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang turns out not to have been the template after all. The end of the episode, though, like last week, lays the character message on with a trowel, though it was good to see Jack express how Gwen has changed him.
So, this week... )
Digital Spy are reporting that Chris Chibnall, showrunner for the first two series of Torchwood, has been appointed showrunner for ITV's new series Law and Order: London, which will be made by Spooks/Hustle/Life on Mars company Kudos. I should note that there hasn't been a formal announcement that there will be a Torchwood series three yet; but if there is, this appointment means that there will be a new writer-producer at the helm. Chibnall also created Born and Bred for BBC 1 a few years back, but first came to many Doctor Who fans' attention back in 1986 when he was one of a group of Liverpool Doctor Who fans who unfavourably dissected the writing styles of Pip and Jane Baker on Open Air following the end of season 23.
This is a review worth reading, as recommended by [ profile] wonderwelsh:


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