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( Apr. 29th, 2011 08:16 am)
The English heralds have struck again, and it's Cambridge. Still, this commemorates the Queen's paternal grandmother's family, and St Andrews people can celebrate their dominion over a slightly older university. Strathearn is there, but as an earldom. Chalfont syndrome, perhaps, as explained in my reply to a comment by [personal profile] pellegrina on an earlier post.

Watching BBC now. First technical failure: Edith Bowman's big moment, and no-one heard her report from St Andrews. Simon Schama as historian talking about "mergers and acquisitions", today as a resolution to the disaster of 1981, and remembering 1947 and sweet rationing.

ETA: , recommended by [ profile] gervase_fen.
Not quite one of [ profile] wellinghall's 'Tolkien slept here' posts:

The Return of the King to Saudi Arabia

Who says fantasy isn't relevant?


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