After three years of your mission you feel your life has been episodic? How remarkable, Captain Kirk. After an arch reflection or two, we are off into a little career angst and then an action-adventure saga which is visually splendrous though I was sitting a lite too near the cinema screen to really appreciate it. There was something about the composition which made me think HD streaming or Blu-Ray were very much in the filmmakers' minds. Yes, there is some enjoyable Spock-McCoy badinage, and some illustration of how Spock blunders through his love life (and a similarly Simon Pegg-ish view of how 'co-habitation' works, or doesn't, on the Enterprise). Chris Pine seemed more settled into his portrayal of Kirk than before; and Zoe Saldana's Uhura gets to be the voice of humanity, though there is a twist (signposted in a Chekhov's gun manner - come to think of it, there are a few of those and at least one is literally so, in narrative) that one shouldn't take certain cast members' scales for granted. Aspects of the alien landscape owe a lot to 1960s studio sets and desert-dressing props, which adds a visual continuity to the Star Trek oeuvre beyond the uniforms and their TOS and TMP nods, and of course the Enterprise itself - and its in-narrative forebear. So, a satisfactory instalment, continuing to mix and match old beats with new elements; but I would like to know exactly how Scotty hauled himself up that precipice. The fellow must have strong fingers.
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