Veteran performer Brian Blessed has told the Radio Times this week that he was offered the lead role in Doctor Who after he finished his run in Z Cars at the end of 1965. If this is not a drastic misremembering of the negotiations in the early 1990s revealed in issue 3 of Richard Bignell's Nothing at the End of the Lane, which would have seen Blessed succeeding Sylvester McCoy in the first instalment of an independently-produced Doctor Who series, then this means Blessed was sounded out twice at different stages of his career, once when he was best-known as bluff but sometimes naive 'ted in a copper's uniform' PC 'Fancy' Smith in Z Cars, and once when his larger-than-life persona known from Vultan in Flash Gordon and Richard IV in The Black Adder was more fully realised. Intriguingly, if the dates are right, the earlier offer might have been made in the early stages of attempts to replace William Hartnell, when John Wiles was still producer of Doctor Who and not Innes Lloyd, when it was intended that Hartnell's last story would be The Celestial Toymaker. Imagine Blessed dealing with 'Mr Wearp' in The Gunfighters, or probably fighting off Doc Holliday in the dentist's chair...
There's an informative blog post written by the editor of 'Tavzine' (a Doctor Who fanzine distributed free at the traditional monthly fan meetings at the Fitzroy Tavern in London) Venusian Spearmint about the long tradition of Doctor Who broadcasts on public television in Iowa and that state's devotion to the Time Lord. It's written with a personal urgency born of the author's own involvement in the world of very necessary pledge drives and the outgoing, ebullient Doctor Who fandom found in the USA. It's very well worth a read.

Thursday's other Doctor Who news )
A review of Big Finish's first 'new eighth Doctor' box set, Dark Eyes, by someone not a stranger to this account, can be found at the Doctor Who News Page.
I've put together a release of articles and stories from old issues of Tides of Time (and one from Skaro) relating to the adventures of the eighth Doctor. The introduction and links can be found over here at the Tides archive blog.
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( Mar. 9th, 2008 09:04 pm)
Being an adventure of the eighth Doctor and Lucie, as portrayed by Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith; I haven't worked out a sufficiently elegant, yet practical, way of numbering the eighth Doctor audios.

You join me at the InterG Cruiser Show, at the Sirius Exhibition Station... )


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