This was another episode where I'd been asked to write a review based on a rough cut of the episode available through the BBC Previews web service. I had rather a lot of time on my hands this week and so it's even longer than usual. Doctor Who Reviews: Hell Bent

I added a few more thoughts at The Event Library, but really as accompaniment for the link. Meanwhile there is more squee than scorn online, and I expect a flurry of fanfics about a certain partnership within the next twenty-four hours.
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From: [personal profile] sally_maria

I was really hoping that they wouldn't do anything that would undermine how well Clara's death worked for me, but I shouldn't have doubted.

I tend to agree with your point about the season not setting up the concepts as well as it could have done - the hybrid stuff very much went over my head until the last couple of weeks - but as an ending I found it pretty emotionally satisfying. (And it's always nice when they give people some more things to write fanfic about ;-D)


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