This was the day I actually did some moderating; I apparently deafened people because I kept leaning towards the microphone, and didn't felt as on top of 'Is Doctor Who thunderingly racist?' as I'd have liked. Thankfully I had four responsible and opinionated panellists who knew how to discuss articlately and with a sense of humour as well as an awareness of how to handle a contentious issue.

I couldn't have felt too bad, as I invited myself on to the panel discussing Doctor Who companions, which was hugely enjoyable and moderated carefully by [ profile] swisstone. In addition, I saw Ian Stewart discuss the Infinite Monkey Theorem, and Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Swallow, Alastair Lock and Andrew Mark Sewell be interviewed by John Medany about the evolution of Blake's 7 towards its hoped-for television resurrection. Oh, and caught up with various and numerous people.

So... I'll always be a looker-on for much of what is now called geek culture, but I will probably at least drop in next year.


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