It says something about our times that Nicholas Meyer is reportedly developing a new Star Trek series based around the adventures of Khan and his merry band of eugenics supporters following the events of Space Seed.
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And grimdarkness. I suppose, in that light, it's an appealing, or at least marketable, combination.
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I saw that, where Khan was described as an anti-hero, and thought that was a very odd way of describing him. A tragic villain, fair enough, but while he's a compelling character, that doesn't make him someone I can root for.

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Makes sense, sadly. Geekmedia has increasingly focused on unpleasant or actively evil people for at least the last decade or two :-/
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Disgusted. That sounds like "Confederate" in spaaace. It will probably be catnip to one of the networks trying to be Hip and Edgy. :/


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