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I really like Danny and Clara's relationship. Yes, we only see edited highlights, it's Doctor Who, a children's/family show, not one designed to focus on the development of romantic relationships but to me they've done enough to show the ways they work together. His fundamental down-to-earth steadiness grounds her (in a good way) and she's seen enough on her travels to understand his background as soldier in a way most women wouldn't.

Oh and I don't know if you saw my retweet, redscharlach, the fan who created the original Benedict Cumberbatch and otters meme, was certainly sure that it was a reference to that. :-)
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I liked the throwaway reference to River, and the implication that the Doctor talks to Clara about her.

Not just Mickey/Ricky, but Chesterton/Chesterfield. There's a lot of resonance around Coal Hill.


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