Part of the experience of dipping into old Doctor Who fanzines is seeing how fan prejudices were challenged by the experience of professionals. The editor of Celestial Toyroom (March 1980) reacted with some scepticism to a newspaper cutting from The People's Journal (Dundee) in which Katy Manning, seven years after her departure from the series, described Tom Baker's Doctor as "a rather serious, dramatic kind of doctor, whereas Jon [Pertwee] was a funnier character." At this distance, with the doubtful wisdom of age and with the benefit of hindsight, many viewings and DVDs, I can see what Katy means; but I'm not surprised that in a period when very few people indeed had access to video recordings to compare the performances, and with many of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society writing as if they spent their evenings prowling Soho, ready to apprehend Tom Baker for turning 'their' series into a comedy, the teenage (I think) editor doubts Katy's assessment.

Here's the article and picture, with a few addresses removed.
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Improving London's transport
The National Archives have a Flickr set of photographs from a 1946 edition of The Railway Gazette, illustrating improvements made to the London Underground between the late 1930s and mid 1940s. Areas covered include the construction of the present Kings Cross St Pancras Metropolitan and Circle tunnels and platforms, opened in 1941; the extension of the Bakerloo tubes to join the Metropolitan above ground at Finchley Road, opened in 1939; changes to the Central Line in west, east and central London during the 1940s; and some of the new station buildings on the Metropolitan Line in north-west London.

Self-employed struggling with debts beyond their earnings - The Guardian
I empathise with this, though my position in this regard seems not so bad contextualised.

The Secret Mansion - History Needs You
Matthew Ward's pictures of a ruined country house on Anglesey.

England Under the White Which, by Theodora Goss - Clarkesworld
A story of one empress's search for the perfect winter, and those who serve under her. As recommended by [ profile] gervase_fen
Amidst the self-deconstruction, memes and photographs which have characterised this LJ in recent months, I can report some positive news. I finally heard back from the editor of the forthcoming Doctor Who critical reader, who has received the first reader's report, which was generally approving of my chapter, 'Bargains of necessity?'. There were some good points made - that a new paragraph was necessary to explain at the beginning why Doctor Who and Culloden were worth comparing, add extra background to explain who Sydney Newman and Peter Watkins were or are, and contextualise the battle of Culloden, which probably won't be familiar to much of the book's target audience of media students. Otherwise I await the second report, and then on to publication, finally, towards the end of the year, after the second series of Doctor Who, sadly.

(En route to making those Wikipedia links, I ended up in a small diplomatic incident - look at some of the relevant talk pages.)

And here's a photograph anyway. I took this one a couple of weeks ago near Blenheim Palace, as dusk approached, while experimenting with my camera's sepia feature. )


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