A new season, a new Doctor, a new showrunner, and lots of newness. So it's no surprise that there was a touch of light familiarity to this new season. I've written more about the symbolism and more at Space-Time Telegraph.

Two other reviews with different opinions:

James Cooray Smith at Hero Collector

J.R. Southall at Starburst
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in some cases those who had not yet started school when Rose aired, and who were now starting university

Aargh!!! That long ago?!

I really liked the review. I enjoyed the episode very much. I've seen some complaints that it wasn't sufficiently grand scale, but it was the lack of "Doctor saves the galaxy" that I enjoyed about it. The human story was important, and if they'd failed to stop Tzim Sha, well, the earth as a whole would have kept going perfectly fine - but the people targeted and their families wouldn't. Jodie Whittaker was terrific all round.

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That long ago, yes - I recalled recently that I watched 'Rose' when pregnant with [profile] prince_eldarion, who is just about to become a teenager, and is now taller than me!


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