I've shared this picture, which should be visible on the other side of this link elsewhere. It shows an article from DWIFC Magazine issue 2, published by the Doctor Who International Fan Club, back in May 1976, in which one Peter Capaldi praised the creativity and integrity of Bernard Lodge, title sequence designer for the first seventeen years of Doctor Who. Now we have a chance to see how Peter Capaldi brings his creativity and integrity to the title role. I'm sure he has both in spades.

I should be concentrating on something else right at this very minute, but fannishly have let myself be caught up in the reaction wave. I hoped that the rumours surrounding Capaldi were true, but I also feared that the powers-that-be at the BBC would want another, younger actor who could use the role as part of a stepping-stone to greater international success. Instead, we have a mature actor - by the time his first full episode goes out he will be the oldest actor to play the role at debut - with a distinguished and individual career, who anciently just happened to be an active fan in the early years of Doctor Who fandom. I rather like that!

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Can't honestly think of a single actor I would prefer to him.


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