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2017-05-07 08:23 pm

Doctor Who XXXVI/10.3 - Thin Ice

I'm running a week behind with my reviews, I know - here is Thin Ice.
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2016-10-30 04:17 am
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Class 1.3: Nightvisiting

A review over at The Event Library (and as someone older than the target audience yes, my identification figure probably is Miss Quill).
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2016-10-22 09:47 pm

Class series one, episodes one and two

So, there is a new Doctor Who spin-off, Class... and my thoughts on the first two episodes, streamed in the UK on BBC Three today, are at The Event Library.
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2016-01-05 12:43 am

Another review (one of mine this time): You and Who Else

I've started to make an inroad on a small backlog of promised book reviews, mainly for the Doctor Who News Page. Here, therefore, is my look at You and Who Else, the latest charity anthology of fan writing edited by J.R. Southall.
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2016-01-04 03:56 am

A review (not one of mine): The Abominable Snowmen

I've been up finishing a Doctor Who book review which I'll link to when it's published... but I've not been paying enough attention to Alex and Richard and tbeir Doctor Who 52. So here, Richard says a lot of things about The Abominable Snowmen which change my perspective on the story.
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2015-12-25 08:00 pm

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2015: The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who at Christmas is increasingly a difficult beast to shepherd into a pen. The two most recent series have felt more like
mainstream mid-evening BBC drama rather than the ‘drama for a light entertainment slot’ of 2005. Consequently the Christmas episodes feel increasingly like a drastic change in tone. Even the grading seems to be different, with the colour palette seeming brighter, returning to the blue with flashes of other primary colours of the Matt Smith era Christmas specials.

The highlight was the typically vigorous performances of both Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston, of course; but despite a good start I failed to be held by these alone in the way I hoped, despite some strong moments of repartee. There was too much emphasis on a denial of sparkle between the Doctor and River, rather than on its existence. Likewise the business with the robot and its switching heads seemed underplayed and undramatic and lacked sufficient sleight of hand to convince; nor were the decapitated characters depicted with sufficient sympathy to make me feel for their plight. There were so many still backgrounds or illustrations which I thought would have been animated a few years ago too.

Perhaps I’ll revisit it and find it more enjoyable another time. I don’t like being negative about the series, and am glad to see from some early reactions that that it did engage and entertain several others.

Also posted at The Event Library
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2015-12-05 09:43 pm

Doctor Who XXXV/9.12: Hell Bent

This was another episode where I'd been asked to write a review based on a rough cut of the episode available through the BBC Previews web service. I had rather a lot of time on my hands this week and so it's even longer than usual. Doctor Who Reviews: Hell Bent

I added a few more thoughts at The Event Library, but really as accompaniment for the link. Meanwhile there is more squee than scorn online, and I expect a flurry of fanfics about a certain partnership within the next twenty-four hours.
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2015-11-29 02:52 am

Doctor Who XXXV/9.11: Heaven Sent

My thoughts on Heaven Sent

ETA - additions and amendments added this morning. (11.56am, Sunday 29 November)
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2015-11-22 05:29 pm

Doctor Who XXXV/9.10: Face the Raven

Trust and power and agitational contemporaneity: Face the Raven, reviewed at The Event Library.
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2015-11-14 10:51 pm

Doctor Who XXXV/9.9: Sleep No More

"...without soiidarity and without the acknowledgement that we need time to distinguish our essential selves from our careers, our greed and desire for advantage, we might as well be no more than dead cells and mucus." More (not quite) like this (and slight spoilers for Face the Raven) from me at The Event Library.
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2015-10-24 09:26 pm

Doctor Who XXXV/9.6: The Woman Who Lived

This week sees the second week of my stint at - enjoy...

ETA: A recap of interactions here.
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2015-10-11 09:40 pm

Revisited - Doctor Who XXXV/9.4: Before the Flood

I've been mulling over my response to last night's Doctor Who, and perceived negativity in my review and others, so here is a more positive take, posted at The Event Library only to save space on timelines.