1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
  2. Where was your profile picture taken? 
    From the living room window of my old flat in Hove, facing the sea.
  3. Worst pain you've ever experienced?
    I think it's a tie between the pain I had in my shoulder a few times before surgery and once after surgery, and my first smear test
  4. Who was the last person to make you laugh? 
    Nicky Wire when I read this interview. "Floppy alcoholic neck syndrome" indeed.
  5. How late did you stay up last night?
    3am I think. Too anxious to sleep again.
  6. If you could move somewhere else, where would it be?
    Probably New Zealand - Auckland specifically. Can't see it happening any time soon though.
  7. Ever been kissed under fireworks? 
    I don't think so. Tend to actually watch fireworks rather than snog. Because I am relentlessly practical and do hierarchies of urgency for everything.
  8. Which of your Facebook friends lives closest to you? 
    A bunch of people - probably an ex-colleague and current-friend.
  9. How do you feel about turkey burgers? 
    The same as I feel about all non-vegetarian burgers.
  10. When was the last time you cried?
    Last night because I was over emotional and relieved to hear a friend's good news. Only teared up though. Genuinely cannot remember the last time I actually wept.
  11. Who took your profile photo? 
    Me. On my old Canon Ixus
  12. Who was the last person you took a picture with?
    Probably Sim when we were at the festival last month. Nobody I know really takes pictures. Oh! It might have been a selfie I took with B's daughter a couple of weeks ago - I cropped myself out before I shared it though.
  13. What's your favourite season? 
    Spring and Autumn tie for me. Both have such unique textures, smells, colours and both make me excited and aware of all the changes in nature and the unending cycle of life which I get to make a blip on.
  14. If you could have any career. 
    This one. But with more job security and less anxiety - although the last one is totally unachievable/incompatible with this career.
  15. Do you think relationships are ever worth it? 
    Ever worth it? Yes. Always worth it? No.
  16. If you could talk to ANYONE right now who would it be?
    Living it would be B because I miss her again. Dead, it would be Lux. Because I miss her always.
  17. Are you a good influence?
    I want to be. I suspect I'm more of a warning.
  18. Does pineapple belong on pizza? 
  19. You have the remote, what channel are you watching? 
    I always have the remote. Brainless/I want noise in background = E4. Actually concentrating = usually BBC2 or BBC4
  20. Who do you think will fill this out? 
    Other humans.
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Extreme Measures. I have never seen this, but the trailer ran before virtually every movie I saw in the theater in the late summer and fall of 1996. It got to the point where Hackman’s “Wouldn’t ya have to?!” became an inside joke between me and my roommates. Unfortunately, this preview leaves out Grant’s line about…


Following on from my recent journal entry about increased divisions between Republicans and Democrats I continued investigating and stumbled upon discussion of Edward Luce's The Retreat of Western Liberalism. One of many things I enjoyed about living in the US is well-stocked libraries but since returning to Britain I am back to being surprised if the local library does stock a book rather than if it does not. I certainly do not have the money to be buying them myself: the book I read on the airplane back from Michigan was a creased, yellowed paperback that I had picked up in a charity shop. (An annoying thing about book clubs is that they typically choose recent books available only as new hardbacks rather than used paperbacks.) I have four library systems within reach: our local one in Perth and Kinross, the Dundee city one with branches within an easy walk of work, then the Angus one to the north-east and the Kingdom of Fife's south of the Firth of Tay: none of them appear to offer Luce's book.

Now I hear of Jon Snow (not of Westeros, but available on YouTube nonetheless), in delivering yesterday's James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture in Edinburgh, speaking of an increasingly fractured Britain and a terrible divide as one can easily be disconnected from the lives of others; he also spoke of fake news stories (i.e. lies) posing a vast threat to democracy. I do not think that here in Britain we yet have such a deep division among mainstream sources of news but it is nonetheless interesting to compare these local themes with my thoughts on American politics and there may be lessons to be learned.
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I’ve had this to-do list for…ever. Forever. Very little of it is the fun kind of to-do, which for me is YAY WRITE A WHOLE NEW BOOK YAY THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PART. It’s all the other stuff. It’s edits and copyedits and guilting over unwritten short stories

(I was going to really try to focus on writing…I was going to say ‘good’, but I write good enough short stories. But twisty, deep ones, perhaps. I want to add that to my skill set. So I was going to try focusing on learning how to write those. And then I realized I’ve got so much else actually *due* that it would be moronic to try to add that to my plate. It’s probably mostly a reaction to admiring people who win Hugos or sell short stories independently, anyway, and sort of vaguely wishing I was Like Them, and I usually get over that. Even if I really would like to be able to write more independent, clever, intelligent short stories. I’ll stop being parenthetical now and try to get back to the point.)

and all the little details of self publishing that I haven’t, for one reason or another, managed to hand off to Ted, and anyway, I usually have a Thinks To Do list but this has been my Nibbled To Death By Ducks list, and I’m about two years behind on all of it. Which is a lot of catching up to do.

But I am THIS CLOSE to being caught up/done with TWO projects, and it’s starting to be a Big Psychological Relief.

I’m finalized-cover-art away from launching BEWITCHING BENEDICT, my adorkable magic-free Regency romance, and I’m copy-edits-and-book-layout away from delivering REDEEMER to my insanely patient backers, toward whom I feel so much guilt I want to cry every time I think about it. Those projects are almost done, and, just…*weeps* It’ll be such a relief to have those out.

And although the To Do list just…keeps…going…on…after that, I’m…I’m trying not to think that far ahead, honestly. I’m trying to just keep one project at a time in mind. If I think about it all I despair. Right now I just gotta get through Nibbled To Death.

September’s Nibbled To Death project is writing KISS OF ANGELS, which absolutely has to be done in September so I can get it into a general release launch in December (Patreon supporters will get it the instant it’s finished). I’m trying pretty desperately here to get myself into a quarterly release schedule, BUT I CANNOT THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW IT WILL LEAD TO DESPAIR

But once KISS OF ANGELS and three or four short stories are done, I’m…done, I think, with Nibbled To Death By Ducks. And that will be so. nice. *weeps*

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Okay, there is one brief allusion to the fact that male adornment is not a new thing, but, really, Makeup for men: will blokes ever go big for bronzer?:

Darren Scott, the editor of Gay Times, says men in makeup is nothing new, but there is a definite shift to the mainstream.

We do not even have to go back to the Georgian dandy. Wot abaht the Mods in the sixties?

Well, I suppose the writer of this article was not even born when the Kinks sang of the Dedicated Follower of Fashion, and while that doesn't specifically mention makeup, Van Dyke and the Bambis, in Doin' the Mod do mention 'a little bit of eye shadow'. (And then there was 70s glam-rock...)

I suspect - thinking back to phenomena like the teddy-boys, who were also about a particular style - that it is possible that there were class markers involved about how much display was considered within the realms of respectable bourgeois masculinity.

Hippies, to my recollection, wore beads and embroidered kaftans but not makeup - except possibly 'tribal' face-painting.

(And of course all this is just a few centuries in s specific white western cultural context. There must be a much wider story of male self-adornment, even if not 'throughout the whole of history'.)

It is now just over three weeks until Cassini plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere and the mission (but not the Project) comes to an end. I grow a little sentimental.

This is the flight spare of Cassini’s fluxgate magnetometer sensor, which will live on. We use it for command simulations on the ground.

This is a 1:25 scale model of the Cassini spacecraft, with the Huygens probe attached to its side. It includes the magnetometer boom, which is hidden in this view. These were distributed to the payload teams. It's been in our group longer than I have (>11 years).

I recently ordered a big perspex display box for the model, so we can have it on show at the upcoming Imperial Fringe festival, post-mission-end. I’ll be giving a talk at the Farewell to Cassini exhibit. Details to follow (on the Londoners filter) when they’re confirmed and the web site for event registration is live.

This is a screenshot of NASA Eyes on the DSN that I took on 4 August. DSS-14 at Goldstone (the antenna in white on the left) is receiving data from Voyager 1 (spacecraft shown on the right). I accompanied this with “We’re still listening” on [ profile] magnetometrist on Instagram.

NASA has a poll, open until Tuesday 29 August, to choose a 60-character-or-less #MessagetoVoyager, to be sent on 5 September. If you want to vote on a message, go here.
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After the nunnery we made a second unsuccessful attempt to register with the police, and again the entire station seemed to be deserted. J, who was suffering from the effects of altitude, opted to spend the rest of the day at the hotel. The other three of us squeezed into one car (it wasn't a squeeze, the cars were huge), and headed into town for lunch. We ate at the Snow Hill Restaurant, opposite the very purple Snow Hill Hotel.

local colour

I had some exceedingly hot soup and the best onion pakoras, while abrinsky dined on mounds of paneer fried rice. While we ate we looked at D's pictures from trekking in the eastern Himalayas. I'm not fit enough for trekking and I never will be, but the pictures made me want to go all the same. D was keen to convince me that some of the easier treks are within my reach.

We had a quick pop round the shops for solar powered prayer wheels (as you do). We have one already, purchased in Sikkim, but T wanted one. We spotted a double version, but it was the only one available and it was broken. T bought two single ones and we bought a 7m string of prayer flags. (They are supposed to be fluttering in our garden, but are still in the bag waiting for us to get our act together.)

Next, the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama. It was very tranquil with many chortens. And many puppies (of course; they were everywhere). There was a small square building with glass sides, in which a finch had become trapped. T rescued it. Eventually.



oranges, 71 prayer wheels, and the perfect red )

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Hila and Ethan Klein are the duo behind h3h3productions, a YouTube channel dedicated to the comedy found in Internet culture.

With more than 4.6 million subscribers the channel is doing extremely well, but last year faced a fight for its very existence. In May 2016, the pair announced they were being sued by YouTuber Matt Hosseinzadeh, who also produces comedy content and publishes it on his MattHossZone channel.

The problem lay in a video produced by H3h3productions (published on a sister channel in February 2016) in which they poked fun at Hosseinzadeh, using clips of their rival’s videos for material. The Kleins said this was fair use but Hosseinzadeh viewed it as copyright infringement.

According to the Kleins, Hosseinzadeh initially approached them with settlement offers of a few thousand dollars and also gave them the opportunity to publicly apologize and promote his content. The Kleins refused to back down so at this point, Hosseinzadeh sued for copyright infringement and defamation.

Fighting a lawsuit is extremely expensive but the Kleins received overwhelming support online, particularly via a GoFundMe campaign that pulled in over $170,000.

With the legal battle well underway, both sides asked the court for a summary judgment in their favor in advance of a full trial. In a decision handed down yesterday by District Judge Katherine B. Forrest, the Kleins prevailed. In a 21-page ruling, the Judge wastes no time in getting straight to the point.

Describing the Klein’s video and the critique contained within as “quintessential criticism and comment” equivalent to the kind one might find in a film studies class, Judge Forrest goes on to examine the cornerstones of fair use, including the purpose of the work, the amount of copyrighted content used, and the effect of the use of the content on its potential market.

“Any review of the Klein video leaves no doubt that it constitutes critical commentary of the Hoss video; there is also no doubt that the Klein video is decidedly not a market substitute for the Hoss video,” Judge Forrest writes, noting that the former effectively transformed the latter into “fodder for caustic, moment-by-moment commentary and mockery.”

“For these and the other reasons set forth below, defendants’ use of clips from the Hoss video constitutes fair use as a matter of law,” the Judge concludes.

On the defamation front, Hosseinzadeh fared no better, with the Judge noting that truth is an absolute defense to a defamation claim.

“Further, it is clear that defendants’ comments regarding the lawsuit are either non-actionable opinions or substantially true as a matter of law. For these and the other reasons set forth below, plaintiff’s defamation claim fails. Defendants’ motion for summary judgment is therefore GRANTED, and plaintiff’s motion is DENIED.”

The news was quickly welcomed by Ethan Klein.

What happens next is largely up to Hosseinzadeh. He still has the opportunity to appeal the case but whether he will take that opportunity given the clarity of the ruling and the additional costs involved will remain to be seen.

In the meantime, the decision (via Techcrunch) provides food for thought and guidance for other YouTubers making reaction videos.

The ruling doesn’t give YouTubers blanket clearance to continue with impunity but does clarify how much content can be used, provided adequate commentary and criticism is present. They’re valuable guidelines in a notoriously difficult area of copyright law.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

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‘There’s only you and your dreams’

Housewife is a 2017 Turkish horror film directed by Can Evrenol (The Field Guide to Evil; Baskin; Turn Your Bloody Phone Off) from a screenplay co-written with Cem Özüduru. It stars Clémentine Poidatz, David Sakurai and Defne Halman.

On a snowy eve, Little Holly’s sister and father are killed by her frantic mother.

Years later, Holly is married, lonely, and her life is soon about take a turn for the ultra weird, when she visits “Umbrella of Love and Mind”…


“The gore factor is stunning and shocking. You want to know more but I cannot tell you anything else. It’s just… wow. Gory as f*ck. Stomachs will turn!” Andrew Mack, Screen Anarchy

IMDb | Source: Screen Anarchy

В Украине зафиксировали новую кибератаку через бухгалтерское ПО.  Воредоносный файл собирает информацию о компьютере жертвы и отправляет ее на командные центры злоумышленников

Лукашенко пригласил «огромное количество наблюдателей» на учения «Запад-2017».
Ранее командующий силами НАТО в Европе генерал Бен Ходжес заявил, что Россия может оставить технику и военных на территории Беларуси после учений Запад-2017. Кроме того, подобное мнение о переброске российской техники в Беларусь выразил и глава Генштаба ВСУ Виктор Муженко. Секретарь СНБО Украины Александр Турчинов не исключил, что учения Запад-2017 могут быть подготовкой к наступательной операции. Также Литва назвала российско-белорусские учения основным вызовом для своей нацбезопасности

  Боевики в Донбассе усиленно контролируют общественные места с целью недопущения проукраинских настроений, распространения украинской символики и возникновения стихийных собраний, накануне и в период празднования Дня Государственного Флага и Дня Независимости Украины

 на Донбассе задержан артиллерист-«заробитчанин» : он рассказал что  офицерский состав в основном укомплектован выходцами из России, в составе артиллерийских расчетов даже корректировщиками огня были россияне, одетые в военную полевую форму ВС РФ с офицерскими знаками различия. Само подразделение  оснащено военным снаряжением российского производства и имело сухпайки, изготовленные в РФ.

В  Севастополе состоялся патриотический флешмоб , посвященный Дню государственного флага и Дню Независимости Украины.

Як в Україні ничегониделаеца. Частина 99 (огляд)

Порошенко отримав вітання від Президента Сполучених Штатів Америки Дональда Трампа з нагоди 26-ї річниці незалежності України.

 Отчет известной консалтинговой компании ATKearney с индексом привлекательности разных стран для IT Outsourcing-a:
Украина с 2014 года поднялась в списке из 55 стран с 43 места на 24-е.  Увеличение политического риска частично компенсируется осуществлением правительством реформ

Безвизом с ЕС воспользовались уже 200 тысяч украинцев,  зафиксированы всего лишь 57 отказов

Парад вышиванок в Харькове

«Россия осуществляет активное агентурное проникновение на территорию нашей страны.  ... мы поражены количеством вербовочных подходов и задачами, которые Россия перед ними ставит. это неправильно в настоящее время ехать на заработки в Россию.   Также всех лиц, отправляются в РФ на заработки «вслепую могут использовать для деятельности спецслужб, подконтрольных Кремлю».

такого понятия, как «честь российского офицера» не существует.   Как российская  империя начинала войну против Украины. 11 июля 2014 года в 5 утра по украинскому времени, без объявления войны российские регулярные воинские части, после массированного ракетного обстрела пограничных частей и полевых расположений украинской армии, начали наступление сводными армейскими колоннами на территорию Украины.

Разведка установила первоисточник лжи об украинских двигателях в КНДР -   в данном случае они использовали для дискредитации Украины американского эксперта Майкла Еллемана, семья которого имеет очень тесные отношения с ключевыми должностными лицами российских спецслужб.
Несуществующее “интервью английского разведчика”  - 13 августа в сети появился сайт, довольно хитро косящий под сайт газеты The Guardian. Всё как настоящее — шапка, логотип, шрифты, даже ссылки на статьи на настоящем сайте Guardian. Только это подделка, фейк. На настоящем сайте Guardian такой статьи нет и никогда не было 

Россия должна быть готова к тому, что ее могут отключить от мирового интернета, заявил советник Путина по интернету

Особенности видения оккупанта или ватник в разрезе.   Закономерность, которую им надо осознать (одна и та же тетка)
Они сражались за деньги  и фотографировались с Пуйлом, а потом погибли. И платить не надо.

Глава Службы безопасности Украины Василий Грицак считает целесообразным введение визового режима с РФ.  Со страной, с которой мы воюем, у нас должен быть визовый режим.
Пока что с 1 сентября россияне смогут въехать в Украину только с биометрическим паспортом, заполнив анкету на украинском или английском языке (может, это уже часть тугочелюстных отсечет?)

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Here’s a picture of Athena on the last day of summer. The next day (today, as I’m writing this after midnight) we bundle her and much of her belongings into the minivan and head down to Oxford, Ohio, where Athena begins her time at Miami University. We’ll drop her off, help her get situated, and then drive away, to come home to a house that for the first time ever will not have her in it on a regular basis. It’s a good and expected and desired thing to have her start this part of her life. But it will be different. If there was any doubt that our daughter is no longer a child (even when she remains our child), coming home to a house without her will be the closing argument on that.

It’s nothing new in the annals of history, mind you. Children leave home all the time. But it’s new to us. And that’s the thing. We’ll be fine, and Athena will only be an hour (and a text or a tweet or phone call) away. But it will still be different without her. A little bit of each of our hearts goes with her when she goes.

That’s all I want to say about it right now. Except to reiterate again how much I love my daughter, and how proud I am of her for who she’s become and excited for who she has yet to become in these next few years. What a wonderful time for her, and for us. Still, I hope you’ll understand if I’m a little out of it the next several days. It’ll just be me, missing my kid.

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Source unknown. Found on Sean Howe’s essential tumblr, mostly devoted to Marvel Comics but packed with all sorts of pop culture ephemera from the ‘70s.


([personal profile] lollygator posting in [community profile] findthatbook Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:48 pm)
Looking for a short series (2 or 3) books that I read as a pre-teen.

I'm pretty sure the main part of the story revolved around a female character trying to escape a ruling class of bird-like (?) people.

There are really only one thing I remember clearly... that there was a river that turned living creatures who fell into it into wood. There was a ship captain who had pulled out a pregnant woman who had fallen in. He sketched her everyday and realized she was trying to speak,but moving super slowly. I think he ended up removing her child, who was then some kind of living wood creature.

These weren't the main characters from what I can remember. I really hope this rings a bell with someone, it's been bothering me for the last 15 years!
Beginning with an attempt to fix that which was broken...which went so poorly that the original thing came back to be rejoined.

A victory against forced conversion therapy--in China.

The idea that the young are ruining everything is Older Than Dirt.

Give children more art opportunities.

The Dead Pool claims Steven Frust, star of Animal House and yet another member of the Babylon 5 cast, at 63 years of age. Also, George A. Romero will be kept under observation for a good long time to ensure that he has not become Patient Zero in a zombie apocalypse. Adam West is no longer the Mayor of Quahog, nor the only Batman that ever existed, after many years of making us laugh.

Natalie Morales is queer and proud of it, with a story of how that came to be that resembles many other stories of queer kids coming to their own realizations.

Buckle stores suffered a credit card data breach.

A bookseller with an extremely poor reputation and an entry fee designed to avoid having his time wasted is closing up his shop. To the delight of everyone who had to interact with him. A council in Australia is abolishing their fines because it doesn't actually do the things that fines are supposed to do.

The Asian stars of Hawaii Five-O quit the show when CBS refused to pay them as much as their white costars.

Let's talk a little Diana. The designers for the 2017 Wonder Woman movie clearly took their inspiration from functional armor designs of previous societies. The story in the movie is about a Chosen One that chooses herself. Wonder Woman is one of many comic characters that really should be canonically queer. The character Chief is actually the Blackfoot demi-god Napi. Lots of cute art abounded with her Japanese premiere, and a wrap design with the Wonder Woman logo.

The first Great War is not the war with all the movies - because it provides much less of a heroic narrative for the United States. Which would make the Cold War an excellent decision for a sequel to be set in - even though there's more posibilities for "heroic" narrative, that conflict is definitely one that could be seen as not having any clear good guys.

Being genderfluid sometimes means rethinking your stance on being trans*, and also presents a host of new problems for someone to face. I'm not really thrilled with how The Stranger paints this as an issue of "detransitioning" and reinforces the binary model while doing so. I do find it reprehensible, though, that the idea that people who are being fluid can be picked on by TERFs and the conservative movement together.

A village in the skyscraper district is trying to hold out against the encroachment of the big buildings.

A fully-accessible water park opens in Texas.

The difficulties that an Indigneous family has to go through to get an Indigenous child from an anonymous sperm donor, which often include not having a lot of sperm donors to choose from.

Pyramid Seven offers boxer brief-style underwear that can support the use of menstural products such as pads. (Sweet!)

The long struggle toward a more gender-inclusive curriculum in the United States. A campaign in India to discourage the practice of bridal dowries. The Kenyan women with a stake in controlling their water supply. The Thirteenth Doctor is a woman, Jodie Whitaker. Imagining the Disney Princesses as the Disney Engineers. Which reminds me of a discussion that I undertook some time ago about the various Dungeons and Dragons classes of the Princesses. Much fun was had by all transforming them into engines of heroism. What the little mermaid does if she doesn't take the sea witch's deal. It turns out very well for her.

Requirements and advice for medical professionals on how to treat trans* patients. Using person-centered language means using the language the person wants you to use. A book of 100 stories that accompany 100 photographs of penises. A woman set her boyfriend on fire, and then doused the fire with urine. Iranian women choosing not to wear hijab while driving, arguing that a car is a private space that doesn't require the "modesty" rules in place in the country. The woman whose name appears as the printer of the Declaration of Independence.

Tying the Star Trek franchises to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the presence of boombox-toting punks.

Pope Francis has created a new pathway to beatification - the miracle is still required, but people who die because of their beliefs (and not in a martyrdom and persecution way) may be eligible for becoming saints.

A monument to the Ten Commandments in Arkansas lasted less than a day before being destroyed by a vehicle. By a person that said Satan commanded him to destroy the last one, no less.

The billionaire who supplies most of the cheese you eat on pizza, regardless of where you get it from.

An asshole explains why he's suing a woman for texting during their date. Explanation: He's an asshole. Mansplaining on the comic book direct market. A model that makes the clothes pop told she needed to become lighter-skinned by a jerk. The Puritans and their sumptuary laws that have been telling women they're tempting men into sin for centuries.

The creative methods people get up to so that their potholes can be fixed. The people who are crossing the border into Mexico to get dental work that's affordable. Visualizing how cities devote their space between cars, trains, and bikes, and the adjustments some cities are making to make cars less dominant. Trying to make urban living much more family-friendly, gardening in the cradle graves of strangers,

The ideal situation for your hometown is for people to leave, get experiences abroad, and then return to disribute wealth and experience. This isn't happening much in this generation, because many of them aren't getting enough to leave in the first place. On the opposite end, many of the people in the upper quintiles of income want you to believe they're just like you with their money troubles.

Crime might strongly correlated with the presence of alcohol dispensaries, which would be an accidental conclusion of a study meant to try and figure out whether commercial zones were more likely to be centers of crime.

The story of the original Gotham, a village that did all sorts of crazy things to stop the King from visiting. Advice to recipe-writers on how to make their recipes more friendly to the average kitchen. Black Cowboys photographed, giving a middle finger to the idea that the people settling and expanding were all white. The diet of Amelia Earhart, which often fluctuated between what would go well on a plane and what was given to her by the hosts of where she landed. How SPAM became such a popular thing.

The Philadelphia Zoo is blogging the raising of an elephant, baby goats and other cute things, the conch as inspiration for tougher plastics, the rehab space for birds injured in the Five Boroughs, the shortage of natural vanilla caused by the demand for organic vanilla in everything, a laser method for labeling an avacado, the ravens that will choose tools over treats so they can get better stuff later, even without having been trained by another raven to do it, the experience of what a deep-fried grasshopper tastes like, the structures that ants build out of self-preservation, farming in the dense urban jungle and organizations that will help farmers and their produce, cats as mostly-wild animals in the house, which genetically is still rather true. Cheese is apparently an acceptable topping on apple pie, shape-shifting organisms that adapted to their environment, First Nations tribes looking to revitalize the shellfish in their area, the possible return of the lynx to the United Kingdom, enginnering bananas to be extra-packed with vitamin A, the nearly-lethal encounter with an insect, the possible decline of hedgehogs in the UK, cockatoos that will make drumsticks to make music for mating, the method that jellyfish use to spine venom into their victims, finding that some corals use pigmentation to filter the light that comes into the sea, the foreign origins of the apple pie, learning about predators in the egg, the fact that humans are relatively calorie-poor compared to other sources of nutrition, the days of a cattle and livestock police officer, ninety-nine animal-related tweets, a miniature horse to help de-stress airport travelers, a nervous cheetah that gets a support puppy as companion, animals caught in the act of being naughty, atttempts to re-seed Nigeria's yam stock with healthy yams, DON'T FUCKING DECLAW YOUR CATS, the problem of pollinators extends well past bees, inventions to help frogs and others climb out of house pools, and the new conclusion that human smell compared to animal smell might be as good or better, depending on what's being smelled.

Interesting things to see in the smaller towns of the United States. A new name for a new crayon color.

What you feel about the war fought in 1812 depends very heavily on which side of the conflict is your history. the reporting of a blackout in New York that focused heavily on the misdeeds of the residents and not the rest. How babies went from being depicted as tiny adults to more innocent-looking children. The Tom Thumb wedding, where children play at marriage, including ceremonies, vows, and receptions.

The value, or lack thereof, of null results. The difficulty of adopting counterintuitive but scientifically-validated things.

Writing a bad first draft says nothing about you, the author, other than that you were able to get most of your notes and ideas out onto your medium of choice. Then comes revision. Applying Moral Premises, should you have them, to your stories. Applying comic stories, should you have them, to your classroom.

People are generally willing to redistribute income, so long as it preserves social rank...or gets rid of rank altogether. The way in which Shakespeare made suggestions about how not to be xenophobic. Even in the context of a play that is explicitly xenophobic. How even historical markers can be used as a battleground between opposing factions.

Ablist justifications abound in allocating scarce medical resources. Sexist justifications do as well, which can lead to the unhappy department of having medics essentially fail to do their jobs because their jobs are telling them they can't spend the time or the resources on you.

In technology, studying the microbial culture of humans and their food, the possibility that most things we thnk of as genetic issues could be the concert work of thousands of genes, rather than being isolated to certain siingles or small sets of genes, progress on trying to get individual immune systems to recognize and destroy cancerous cells, why it took a rather long time for the current knowledge about conception to evolve, children see art much differently than adults do,

A paen to the blockchain, with thee thought that the cryptography involved in generating and verifying them is good enough that it can power more than just cryptocurrency, like voting or stock issuance, or other applications where outside verifiability built in is a necessary feature.

Japan sent up a robot into the ISS, and it's taken some pictures in microgravvity. Also, information teleported through entanglement, lots of Microsoft product-related books being given away, thousands of vintage sewing patterns now available online, along with a searchable archive of several thousand years' of fashion, the search to make the kilogram a constant of the universe, instead of the mass of an object, software companie allowing Russian government entiries to examine the source code for malice before allowing it to be sold in the country, trying to get some medical training into Syria by telepresence, the first Wonkavator, moisture-responsive nanobots made of graphene, the one company that makes most of the bread clips in existence, the way that Jupiter is incredibly, celestially weird, a park with a high incidence of dinosaur things, espionage through knitting,

Mysteries of the universe that need answers, but there aren't any forthcoming yet, and to say the least, we have very little idea of what space is, much less what it does.

You can get your ink cartridges refilled in the United States, says the Supreme Court. Which is great.

There are a lot of ways that humans can extinct themselves, and many of them are related to climate change. Corals dying is a problem. The heat in your city could become unbearable. The planet itself might absorb more energy than it reflects and start warming itself. The air could still try to kill you. Denver is a locus of people fighting and studying asthma and the ways to manage it.

Thank Robert Recorde for the abilities you have at maths and computer programming, as the equals sign he contributed is one of the major components of both. On the other hand, the possibility that the universe is ultimately chaotic and accurate description of it requires abandoning the idea that it has structure at all. And why various road signs have the shapes they do.

Suggesting that the Ashkenaz that lends its name to the Ashkenazi could be somewhere in Turkey.

The many attempts to replace plastic straws with much more ecologically-friendly alternatives.

Last for tonight, decoding the diary of Beatrix Potter, the British child's propaganda book for the first Great War, the continued construction of language, and a strong reminder that attitudes and actions from the abled are also disabling, sometimes more so than the actual disability. People working together to provide prosthetics and chairs to the low-income people that need them the most.

The presence of superbug STDs should give everyone pause and worry.

We can thank...Nazis? for the giant novelty check idea, and then Publisher's Clearing House for planting that meme thoroughly into our heads.

A human chain that rescued several people caught by a riptide. Photographs of the United States experience.

Body-positive childrens' books. One hundred thousand books (and a lot of tape) creates a Parthenon replica on a site where Nazis burned books. Requests for transcription of magical texts. Pluralizing octopodes. Profanity and blasphemy around children are not specific words, but ideas intended to make them feel that they are somehow wrong for being who they are. Letting a neural network attempt to write Harry Potter fanfic summaries and titles.

Inspirobot, a generator of inspiring quotes. And flag code for the bedroom. (A lot of lder people are having sex outside of their marriages. Younger people, not so much - because they're not getting married, and also the polyamory, and a lot of other things.

And a conference of Sarahs that hides a mystery of Agatha's.
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([personal profile] yhlee Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:04 pm)
Joe helped me figure out what was going wrong in my "Ninefox March" Cockos Reaper project since the lag was driving me nuts.

Ctrl + Alt + P will give me a performance meter but sadly only tracks CPU usage per track--if it also tracked RAM usage per track (if that's even a thing, hell if I know how computers/DAWs work) my problem would be solved.

It's not that I don't have enough RAM. It's that something in the project is causing a memory leak. I'm guessing one of the virtual instruments. The problem is that there are NO good options. Like, if Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings or Metropolis Ark 1 is the source of the memory leak, I am going to...I don't even know. Write tech support, I guess, and hope they have a solution.

Right now the best bet is to track memory usage in a completely new project in which I introduce a single instrument at a time and see where the leak starts/begins. Time-consuming and annoying, but doable. Not happening tonight--probably after I turn in this novel.
A hurricane is resurrecting itself from its remnants specifically to screw with (a) Pagan Pride Day and (b) the first day of school.

How many signs before the augurs declare that our leadership has lost the Mandate of Heaven, again?


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