Not much to say, other than that I enjoyed it, wouldn't have started the episode with the Klingons (who are in danger of becoming completely grotesque in design, and there has been some Game of Thrones bleed into their conceptualization) but liked the Burnham/Georgiou desert walk and the depiction of their relationship in general; I have no problem at all with the inclusion of Sarek; and the Federation politics went some way towards confronting the recognized problems of the Star Trek format. Sonequa Martin-Green is a strong screen presence and there should be no problem following her through what at the moment is on the verge of being a space version of Porridge ("Michael Burnham. You have been found guilty... You are a habitual insubordinate with a fondness for Vulcan neck pinches...") I'll be back in a way I couldn't say I was for Voyager or indeed Deep Space Nine. (Enterprise escaped my mind.)
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I would say Enterprise escaped my mind, except the scene where some of the crew are trying to find out Reed the stand-offish British officer's birthday (!) and end up contacting his father (!!) who turned out to not have been on speaking terms with him for several years because he's disgusted that Reed joined Starfleet and not the RN 'because all our family have always been in the Navy for generations', only the father was played by the instantly recognisable Guy Sinese, and everyone in my family simultaneously said some variant on "Apart from the one who joined the Wehrmacht and drove a leetle tank" and then fell about laughing is engraved on my mind.

I've only seen the first episode - though I shall be returning tonight - but I very much enjoyed what I saw. (I did love Nine, though).


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